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Alligator Cuffed Beanie

Alligator Cuffed Beanie

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Giving Back: 10% of the profits from this sale will be donated to World Wildlife Fund. Learn more.

Product Details & Sizing

One size fits most!

• 100% Turbo Acrylic
• 12″ (30 cm) in length
• Hypoallergenic
• Unisex style
• Hand washable
• Blank product sourced from Vietnam, Bangladesh or the Republic of Korea

Shipping and Returns

Each product is meticulously made to order to reduce waste. Most orders are delivered between 4-10 days from purchase (tracking information provided).

We offer a 30 day worry free return policy on all purchases. Learn more.

Animal Fun Fact

Alligators are fascinating creatures that have been around for millions of years, even outlasting dinosaurs. One interesting fact about alligators is their unique nesting behavior. Female alligators construct nests out of vegetation, mud, and debris to lay their eggs. They often guard these nests fiercely, protecting them from predators. Another intriguing aspect of alligators is their ability to regulate their body temperature. They can be frequently seen basking in the sun to warm up, but they also have specialized blood vessels in their bodies that allow them to control their internal temperature, enabling them to thrive in various environments.

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