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Horse Cuffed Beanie

Horse Cuffed Beanie

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Giving Back: 10% of the profits from this sale will be donated to Farm Sanctuary. Learn more.

Product Details & Sizing

One size fits most!

• 100% Turbo Acrylic
• 12″ (30 cm) in length
• Hypoallergenic
• Unisex style
• Hand washable
• Blank product sourced from Vietnam, Bangladesh or the Republic of Korea

Shipping and Returns

Each product is meticulously made to order to reduce waste. Most orders are delivered between 4-10 days from purchase (tracking information provided).

We offer a 30 day worry free return policy on all purchases. Learn more.

Animal Fun Fact

Horses are magnificent creatures with a rich history of partnership with humans, spanning thousands of years. One fascinating fact about horses is their diverse range of vocalizations and body language used for communication. Horses communicate with each other through a complex system of vocalizations, including whinnies, nickers, snorts, and squeals, each serving different purposes such as signaling alarm, establishing dominance, or expressing affection. Additionally, horses use subtle body language cues, such as ear position, tail movements, and facial expressions, to convey their emotions and intentions. Understanding horse communication is essential for building trust and rapport between humans and horses, whether in riding, training, or caregiving contexts. The bond between humans and horses is built on mutual understanding and effective communication, making horses one of the most cherished and respected animals in human history.

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